March 2016

March 1st marks a dramatic change in the way of my life.

Up until this point I’ve been studying in school, making decent grades, and for the most part keeping my social life in tact regarding my inner circle. In fact, my circle is the reason I write this article today.


A lot has been changing between my friends and family. We’re learning how to control the world within our thoughts. The ability to see a reality not so different from ours yet totally different in perspective is something very fascinating to me and my people. It’s like seeing into a different world – a world not so familiar to me in the past as it is now.

Whatever you think has the power to come into being.

I like to think silence is a language of the gods. Sitting in quiet reflection can lead you to answers you may have never thought of before. Its all detailed throughout your life – ‘ the writing on walls’ if you will. The most ambiguous things can carry the heaviest and most meaningful messages sometimes, you just have to be careful to not go crazy and trust yourself in your decision making.

So that’s where I’m at mentally right now. I plan on writing more articles, once or twice a week, just to share with you the progress in my life, what’s going on in the news, and so forth. I hope you took something from this post. If nothing else, know you are the treasure that you seek. It is within all of us the power to create and destroy. Use it to the best of your ability.

Peace! ✌

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