Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone!

Today is a great day in March of 2016, and I have some really exciting news to share with you all!

My buddy is an aspiring actor, and in fact he’s really good at it!

His name is Trevon Lee (or “TheTrevonLee” on Facebook and Instagram. His Twitter is Trevon Lee, @Canwelike)

He has the capability to make all kinds of films, most talented at Drama.

Please give him a like and a follow.

He also has videos up on YouTube at Trevon Lee, so his material is easily accessible to the public.
Check him out, I promise he’s worth your time. My favorite video so far is “Improv #1”.
Really an awesome dramatist.

Here are some pictures. Don’t forget to show love!







Facebook: The Trevon Lee
Twitter: Canwelike
Instagram: TheTrevonLee

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