Heaven and Hell and Why the Universe Lives Inside of You

“Heaven, is when the chains of habit reinforce what we really wanna do. What our true destiny is. Hell, is when our habits oppose what we know we should be doing. This is Hell on Earth.” ~Tai Lopez Happy Sunday afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The topic I’m explaining to you today has to do with … More Heaven and Hell and Why the Universe Lives Inside of You

How to be Good!

Stay positive. Being good is more than an action… It’s a lifestyle. A lot of people want to know how to get the best things in life, or why they’re so low on the level of earning their keep or making the most out of whats coming to them. The simple truth of the matter … More How to be Good!

Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone! Today is a great day in March of 2016, and I have some really exciting news to share with you all! My buddy is an aspiring actor, and in fact he’s really good at it! His name is Trevon Lee (or “TheTrevonLee” on Facebook and Instagram. His Twitter is Trevon Lee, @Canwelike) He … More Hey Everyone!

March 2016

March 1st marks a dramatic change in the way of my life. Up until this point I’ve been studying in school, making decent grades, and for the most part keeping my social life in tact regarding my inner circle. In fact, my circle is the reason I write this article today. A lot has been changing between … More March 2016