How to Shift Your Mood

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Bad moods right?

You know the type. They suck us in and have our heads full of heat and resentment. Often times we can’t even help but to sit in our anger and think of all the different reasons why such-and-such isn’t going right, or why this or that is too out of place to be happy at the moment.

Truth is, that’s a load of b.s.

In a sense.

While it’s true that we can be genuinely frustrated and upset amidst certain situations, it is also true that we have the power to mold our senses for the better. That is, shift our mindset to a more positive and controlled setting. We don’t have to be negative.

The same applies to productivity. We don’t have to be lazy. All it takes is the effort to make a change and eventually the change will come, quite naturally actually.

You see the trick is to get it in your mind that you’re not bound by your own thoughts. (You are in a sense but just follow me here.) You’re not obligated to obey an order of the brain that you have the power to control like what kind of food you want to eat or how you will spend your time tomorrow evening. If you can notice yourself forming bad habits or making bad decisions, then the next step is to simply stray away from them. Your moods aren’t only delegated by circumstances but also by reasoned thought.

Why am I so upset? What is it that’s got me down?
Do I really wanna eat junk food? 

A lot of the time we find that our darkest of thoughts are quite delusional, and that we’re actually putting more stress on ourselves than we need (because a little stress can be healthy, believe it or not). This can be a social problem or it can be an issue of uncertainty or self-consciousnesses. Tons of people struggle to be themselves because they worry about what others might think of them. ‘Oh she hates me’ or ‘Oh they might think I’m doing too much’.
People are gonna form their own opinions regardless so why not take advantage of your personality and be yourself? Be a social butterfly! Make a decision you think is right for yourself – more beneficial to you. Who cares what other people think? As long as you’re on the right track you’ve got nothing to worry about, and your true friends will understand that. It’s about building yourself up as a person.

The same sort of idea works with junk food: McDonald’s, sodas, candies, etc. Most of our eating patterns are habitual. I mean we like what we eat, but sometimes you catch yourself and you’re like ‘Am I really spending money to harm my body – on a daily basis?’ I know that’s me more often than not, circumstances considered. But seriously. A lot of things we think are out of our control we just haven’t given much thought, or effort.

Change starts with a course of action.

So what’s the lesson here?

If you’re in a bad mood, take a step back and analyze the situation.
Figure out why you’re upset and convince yourself to feel otherwise. Look on the bright side, always. Your mind likes to play tricks on you, but fortunately (and unfortunately) you can play tricks on your mind.

Break your bad habits.
Whether you smoke too much, you drink too much, you eat crappy food, or you watch too much TV. Give yourself a break from all your vices and you’ll feel a lot better. You might even be more productive.

Which means another thing. Don’t be lazy.
There’s a difference between being tired and being unwilling to put forth the effort you need to make progress. Get down and dirty, and don’t be afraid to get hurt in the process. No pain no gain is a very powerful phrase, so you should take it with a grain of salt haha

Just do your best.

Hope this helped someone 🙂

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