I love to fight. The power within is plastic and I am the power within. I will fight until the end. Also plastic is my favorite color. Do you like fighting? Money is my favorite tool to fight. Thin and sharp. 👨‍🦰🧱


I think I start writing when I think about money. It’s a good tool for me. I find it useful. It’s not the bad habit it’s about how much you spend because I want to spend a lot of money. It’s a bad thing to waste money. You’re rich when you have a lot of … More z$$$


Clisatp. Or plastic by modern science. It’s my favorite weapon. Hard like an AR but soft like a pillow. If you’re into Mortal Kombat check out Raiden and think about plastic.⚡


Netherrack. A hot commodity I’d say. We use netherrack as currency. It’s a templative display of strength. Bricks are a way of getting to the netherrack. If you find the obsidian you find the netherrack.


Writing is a work of art. Without it we would be meaningless. You’re invited to learn work. Fingers and thumbs are necessary. Bring paper and crayons for the work. We can begin art this way. Plastic are groceries next to this. Barcodes are similar. Writing next to barcodes is like being at the control center … More Writing