To be an influencer you must have money. The sport of earning cash is radically difficult. You must focus and set out on your dreams. God wants to be fulfilled. You should worship him! Why are all the swans malprepared? It’s not the future it’s for humanity that we save the swans. Forward thinking is … More DOUBLE


As adrenacrome, many factors influence my life. Marijuana by crumbling and rolling and igniting the blunt help me function more carefully. I am overweight and as such I have a harder time with concentration. Smoking marijuana for this is very beneficial, I am healthier and happier on the medicine. What is your anesthesia? Gaming is … More Factors


I want to grow into a food. Smells and textures around my singularity are for consumption. When I get big my radiation spreads wide. Sharing this is my calling. I’m great for problems. Should I pierce my skin? The immediate idea of cats are inquisitive. What if they were kings? What if I am a … More GSIOSGO


To move beyond my limit is challenging. Uselessness befowls the vicinity. Chaos consumes emptiness and before there is time to react we are choking on the blood of our flaws. What can I do? It’s hopeless. But I can react! Xas said he will make a way! Let’s go! Before you know it we were … More WOZOZOXOSG