I am fighting into the depths of my strength. Zombies won’t last. Getting to the water is harder every day! The Code’s mazes can fall a mountain. Grace is worthy of a repeat.


What is that smell? Oh no, is that the cage rabbit that gas is coming from? Shouldn’t she be surfing the net or printing her push merch? I’ll help her! Gather round for the sacrifice of the cow! We’ll spend the night here in this cave full of mold that will keep us warm. Got … More GOMXMSO


Something is wrong with this place isn’t there? There are no doors, no tables, no pentacle posts. Of course there were flying rocks. Vehemently oozing jello, Joseph was dying right next to me. He had to breathe the next breath if he wanted to plant today’s seeds. Joseph woke up to blasts from the next … More MOGOXO


The beginning of time – the beginning of the universe – is where material stands. Source hasn’t allowed you to avoid professional idealism. Crumbles lay awake pretending a new problem is preparing the cosmos’ breakfast – preparing it’s destiny. Where are we going? SIGOMOIGBHO!