Hospitalized Agents of the Oranges

Why don’t you smell this orange and tell me the first thing you notice. Many oranges have been eaten without considering where the orange comes from so I want to know what you think🍊 Besides their perfect rounded edges oranges have a sharp smell – strong like air freshener. If you eat an orange you’ll smell like one. The peels can be crushed into powder and you can decide how you want to treat it to make something new.

But the oranges are sensitive. Many have been hospitalized because of exposure to bad air. Also, if you let them sit out for a few weeks they become moldy and you can’t eat them anymore. Scientists are attempting to reverse this affect. If you have an orange that is large and ripe it will be thick and juicy when you bite into it post-peel. Healthy oranges aren’t hospitalized unless units within the orange are unstable. Agents for oranges find themselves absorbing sunlight even more than agents for honeydew, which is curious because we don’t have many honeydew examples to draw from🍈

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