New Book: CAKE BABY by Glenn Crear

George was born a girl. She was sexy. She had all the neural pathways that would make her a genius in her prime, but she was subject to speculation about her origins. Even though she was an adult, she was still an infant, to herself atleast. George knew the basics but she wasn’t quick – not that she was fat, she was slim with a big booty – so she had to improvise her health.

George got herself into a lot of trouble. She was a mild kid, yes, but she was a thief! Her sport – running the other babies back and forth with her car wherever they wanted. This made her happy and she found great wealth in courage from doing this. She had it all!

Her pacifier made her lips bigger and, despite her big thick booty, she couldn’t walk too far without aching in her ankles. And she did this – making fun despite her age – a lot! George was so smart to have finished her degree in computer science early because despite how many students she was working with, college was daunting. She didn’t know if she would even finish her degree. Focus wasn’t her ace.

George’s talents came with a lot of fun, but if she didn’t have an intimate experience with her norms the consequences would be fatal. Because of this, George decided that it’d be better if she waited. Did she succeed? George became a local talent for ABDL communities. Globally she was known as the expert babysitter because she could take great care of herself even though she was a toddler. It was a secret.

Eventually her friends caught on to her lifestyle as a babysitter and they encouraged her to take up sewing as a way to increase the peace. She was now 25 years old but she remembered sewing in high school and thought wow this would be a great way for me to burn a few edges even though she wasn’t a hot-head.

George grew up in a world where 25 year old babies weren’t common, so it was hard to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating her toddler experiences. Despite being 25 years old she would constantly trap herself on accident, vomit unexpectedly, crash her car, or even find herself engaged with grown men who seemed to want to trap her into their life so they could influence her. She saw these events which happened often as a sign that she was getting healthier and she was – she was growing and becoming more talented!

Along with these things there were other anomalous events that promoted a healthy heart for her. She would find herself confronted by pictures and videos of infants on the strangest occasions – sometimes they had their tongues out – expensive jewelry and cute clothes that looked perfect for babies that fit her perfectly and she would wear them in front of everybody! Over the course of her 25 years she had encountered all sorts of themes that encouraged her attitude about herself (that she was, in fact, an infant despite her age) that actually improved her life even though her closest friends thought she had gone mad. She couldn’t tell anybody though because they’d just write her off.

She’d walk in on TV shows for newborns when she went to her friends’ house even though there were no newborns to be seen besides, in fact, herself. She met people she regarded also as adult babies who really looked like babies but were in fact the same age as her. Could they be babies too? She thought so – to her they looked like babies! They might even have been her friends from a realm she had limited access to.

These anomalies were numerous – they happened often from the time she was born up until today at the 25 year mark and in different ways. These coincidences gave her hope that she had found what she’d been looking for which was that she was an ABDL and that the ABDL world was real and she was a part of it. It was true! All these anomalies which were numerous – spontaneous vomiting, tongue ties when she’d speak, the baby clothes that fit her, the baby pictures that she happened unto by surprise through a toy, the jewelry she’d find, free food, combustible rocks for the bathtub that melted in the water and put good smells out – these and many other things like music had her feel she had found her dream. She had found the ABDL community and felt that she belonged.

Her success came from this thick piece of cake that looked delicious to her.

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