As adrenacrome, many factors influence my life. Marijuana by crumbling and rolling and igniting the blunt help me function more carefully. I am overweight and as such I have a harder time with concentration. Smoking marijuana for this is very beneficial, I am healthier and happier on the medicine. What is your anesthesia?

Gaming is an alternate solution that I find useful, but only as much as I have other options because smoking marijuana I find is the definite solution to adrenacrome. If I focus too much on weed it becomes a flat substance with no potential, opposite if it were used responsibly whereby it is exciting and fun. Art is another influence I find just as beneficial in this context as gaming. Not that the two are boring or subordinate to marijuana, I just find that they are the alternatives if I was forced to give up my own personal, in my opinion, engaging practice. It’s kind of like exercise for the overly stimulated individual who needs an extra influence to encourage him or her.

I wrote this because as an influencer my job is challenging. I must cope with weed to continue to engage in my active lifestyle. I find that many influencers do this. I think it’s great. Why do people do anything challenging in the first place? 🤪

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