My Thoughts On Mortal Kombat.

I love Mortal Kombat! I think it’s a great game!

Who is your favorite character?

I believe Kitana is the best player in the game. I love how she goes in with the blades🤪🃏

I wish they had more skins for her though maybe like a blue or a purple. They did a good job with her in Mortal Kombat 11.

Do you think Rain is a good character? I like his special, but Kitana by far has the best slaying elements in the game the way she throws those knives at you😝

I wish Mileena had some better skins too. I think the hot pink looks good on her. Sonya Blade is a good character too. I just can’t get over Kitana.

Let me know who is your favorite character in MK11 and I’d be willing to play with Kitana with you. I just love her knives 🗡

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