Heaven and Hell and Why the Universe Lives Inside of You

Heaven, is when the chains of habit reinforce what we really wanna do. What our true destiny is. Hell, is when our habits oppose what we know we should be doing. This is Hell on Earth.”
~Tai Lopez

Happy Sunday afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. The topic I’m explaining to you today has to do with the boundaries within heaven or hell, or moreover what they actually are and why a lot of us do or don’t see them in our everyday lives.

Over a third of the population of the planet sees Christianity, or at least identifies Christianity as the overarching view of the immortal world – heaven and hell – and all of the boundaries that come in between it (like this planet being only a mortal world for humans and animals to repopulate while the immaterial world or the spiritual world is a place where our bodies transcend to after we’re dead etc.), so I’m about to tell you why I think half of these arguments for an immaterial heaven or hell are wrong, and what we can do to reconcile our beliefs with the much more evident and apparently impassably physical nature of the world at large.

A whole lot of people think that we go to heaven when we die. From my understanding, we don’t quite transcend to a different realm of existence after we die, but more like we are relived from the troubling nature of the spiritual world never to hear from our troubles again.

Think about it this way.

If a woman is dealing with pain her whole life, whether it be physically or mentally, and she is suddenly relieved of her pain whether it be through drugs or just a complete and utter numbness to her awareness and her body as a whole one would say she is finished with her suffering and she might describe this feeling as being something quite similar to heaven in that it is the best possible feeling she could have ever had within her lifetime.

Similarly and into the same thought, if a man is suffering on this planet, again be it physically or mentally, he may say he is walking in a living hell that juts never lets up because he is always tired and exhausted and never has the energy or strength to do what he wants to do and he just feels utterly down on his luck there is no way this man can come out of it. That description is pretty much the direct epitome of heaven on Earth.

If one man or woman is suffering alone in their minds then who is to say they haven’t already died within themselves and have reached the eternal boundary of heaven or hell on this Earth. Nobody ca say because that is exactly what they are feeling; heaven or hell on this Earth.

From my understanding that is the only heaven or hell that can exist.


“All the Heavens and all the Hells are inside of you.”

Another thing I’ve learned recently is from a man named Tai Lopez who is a millionaire entrepreneur and has started over a handful of successful businesses in his brief history of this planet. He is still working and has a lot more work to do but right now he is simply spreading the knowledge amongst his people to go out there and explore the world and make sure any move you make is a successful one because just like him – he has experienced heaven and hell on this planet and his last interest is to allow other people to experience the same pain when the free world is just loaded with ideals and different outlets and avenues for people to become successful and never have to work again if that’s what they wanna do.

And by that same token it brings me a great pleasure to load people’s heads with the knowledge of ‘Hey, you don’t have to suffer if you don’t want to. There are too many things in this open world that you can be doing in order to better your life and  end the suffering once and for all. It’s as easy as making a million dollars, and there is more than one way to do it here in the open world.’

The mindset of making things easy is generally a healthy one and frankly for me that is what’s bringing me heaven on Earth at this very moment. I enjoy everything that I do and I tend to care less what other people think about it because honestly its my life to live and theirs and I’m the only one that’s gonna be happy with myself at the end of the day so why not do something I enjoy whether it be to run through the sprinklers all day or run around the house naked or drive with one foot out the car 😉 😉 this life was made for you to make enjoyment with it so why not be proud of yourself and go out there do something with yourself that you’re gonna be proud of instead of sitting around the house mopping all day or staying angry at other people when in all reality they haven’t really done anything at all to harm you.

The better we understand ourselves as people the better we can treat other people and let them know that its okay to get crazy sometimes. It’s okay to drop out of school and pursue your dreams if you feel passionately about it or it’s okay to quit your job because what are you really doing if you’re stuck at work all day doing something that you wish you weren’t doing for all your life?

A lot of people get stuck in this mindset that there is no way out of what you’re feeling and so I’m here to tell you that the opportunities are limitless in this physical world. Anything you do is going to come back around on you and have a negative or positive effect so why not make everything you do a positive thing whether it be how you treat other people or whether it be how you treat yourself.

It doesn’t cost a dime to be happy we’re all self motivated that’s the blessing that the great god of the universe has given us (and by that I strictly mean ‘being’ in and of itself. I believe in no god or gods above of us only the powers that be in the natural world and the powers each of us have as singular sentient human beings).

We are all very interesting characters and it is our responsibility to let our light shine in any way possible without feeling like we are completely down on our luck and bringing other people down with us as well.

Some of us get stuck in that sort of habitual lifestyle and I am encouraging you to get yourself out if it because you won’t win in the end. You will simply be relived of your innocent nature and all of that brilliant energy will be wasted so go out there and do something with yourself okay?

Do something that you are going to be proud of so that other people can be proud of you as well.

And be smart about it too because that is how you will win.

Just think to yourself ‘I never lose.’ and anything that will be done to discourage you won’t work because deep down inside you know that you are a winner.


Have a good day.

Besides all of that the increasingly powerful quote I heard by Tai Lopez says,
“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt, until they are too strong to be broken.”

You can find his video here:

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