How to be Good!

Stay positive.

Being good is more than an action…

It’s a lifestyle.


A lot of people want to know how to get the best things in life, or why they’re so low on the level of earning their keep or making the most out of whats coming to them.

The simple truth of the matter is that it’s not all that hard.

Being a good person is the first and foremost.

If you treat everybody that you meet with respect, then automatically that is good karma coming back around to catch you in a good way.

Take your please and thank you’s for example.

It doesn’t hurt to say please to someone if you feel like you’re costing them a little trouble to help you out. In this sense they’ll be more wiling to help you because they realize you took their feelings into consideration (because let’s face it. we all have feelings no matter how hard we try to disguise them).

Secondly don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

People will admire an individual that is not so caught up in the crowd that they want to do everything to appease everybody else. Sometimes you have to put yourself first in a given situation. ‘Well how does this make me feel? Is there any way I can help this person out without putting myself at a disadvantage?’ 

Break loose! Give yourself the glory sometimes and watch how that positive energy automatically attracts to you because you earned it.

Of course there will be jealousy that is why it is your job to lead people in the way that they should go. Never forget about the other people but make sure you take yourself into consideration too. The simplest way to do this is just by being on autopilot. That way the time slows down and you begin to realize who you truly are at heart and what you’re here for.

These are all good qualities that any human being should have because in the long run if you consider who you truly are as an individual, then that makes it easier for others to see who they are and if you’re willing to give them that extra help before you know it everybody’s working together without having to stress anybody out. That’s just the quality of service to mankind. No one should be restrained by social boundaries because honestly they don’t exist. They’re just barriers that we place in front of ourselves to avoid a sense of discomfort but honestly we should embrace uncomfortable situations because that is the only way that we allow ourselves to grow and cope with the impurities of life.

Some of us are programmed to believe that everything in this world should follow a system –  a set of rules that every man is to abide by so that we can get on with our lives and not have to struggle with this troubling fact that we all exist but I tend to think differently.

The very fact that we exist should be enough to encourage anybody to go out and do whatever it is they want to do because we only get to live this life once. There is no going back after we’re dead that is the end all be all in this gigantic world. The only heaven we have is on this planet (in our minds of course) and the only we are to realize this dream is if we make it come to fruition.

It is evident that things aren’t just given to us but that we have to go out and get it to make it possible.

All these things are good and healthy for the human mind – how it is meant to be used.

Words are nothing but a machine used to understand time and our existence (a.k.a. to communicate).

If we just open our eyes and let our vision talk we see into things that would never be imaginable if we had not sat down and became one with our very existence to see what the truth really is.

We are all gods honestly.

We control the connections that we make with the power of the universe and it’s a matter of time before we are all capable of realizing our dreams and conquering whatever it may be that stands in our way.

Realizing our dreams was the purpose of life – not be shacked up and watching our capabilities go to waste.

There’s a reason why we all have such strange urgencies within us. That’s just our god being waiting to break out as long as we don’t hurt each other.

Also be happy for people. There’s no reason to be jealous what we should be doing is learning how to achieve our goals based on what someone else has done because our best resources are the people. We go to people when we need a little bit of advice or encouragement and that’s all that matters is a helping hand.

I hope I was of any type of help today.

Gentlemen be nice to your women don’t ever only use them for sex show them a good time and make sure they know someone cares about them because they care about you. Be sure if you’re planning on breaking up with them that they know they’re time was really appreciated but don’t think this break up won’t come with a temper tantrum because they are women they don’t really know what they’re doing sometimes.

Females don’t only look to these men for money. Look at a quality guy who is actually going to do something for you and treat you with respect. You’re a goddess and believe it or not women make the world go round y’all are the most invincible creatures ever in all honesty though quite gullible yet adaptable.

Never take each other for granted.

It’s been a good run, I’ll see you when I see you.

Glenn Crear signing off for this one.





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