My New Years’s Resolutions for 2016


2015 has been a most challenging year for a lot of us I’m sure.

What makes 2016 an even better year is that we get the opportunity to start again.

That’s why this year I’m going all the way with taking more challeneges and giving myself the opportunity to grow. Here are the objectives I’m keeping in my grasp this year.

Talk to people.
Communication is key,  which is true of any relationship. Keeping a word of mouth is an advantage in the business world, and in the personal life too.

Take that extra step towards reading.
If you’re not reading, you’re not learning. I have popular news on my Twitter page (@kloudcatch) that I’ve been sharing from Flipboard for some time now. This is a really easy way for me to stay updated and share with the public the information that has been increasing my knowledge.

I have found myself struggling to read more than a chapter out of a book at a time, which is definitely a no no for 2016. This year I plan on picking up that paper cover or hardback. What we don’t realize is that books have the most power in them. It’s the real books where we find the knowledge and insight, the key to success, and the well being of all humanity. For that reason, I’m going to pick up a book at least twice a day. One, to inhance my brain power. And two, to keep my knowledge building each and every day, giving me that extra insight. Maybe I’ll have something interesting to share for you on Kloud Catch!

Work out more.
A huge priority for me this year is hitting the gym more often. Considering how things go with my class schedule, I plan on hitting the gym at least twice a week. I see this as a necessary factor of becoming a driven human being. Eating healthier is definitely a part of that, and with the resources provided, I’d say I’m pretty well off with an even chance at getting fatter or getting more physically in shape.

Commit to academic success.
Grades are the number one rule in college. I’ll let my actions speak for themselves this semester when I come out with grades breaking even my  greatest expectations.

That’s gonna require a lot of sleep though. Lucky for me I like sleep! I had been missing out on it for a while so now that I realize how necessary it is to give me that extra energy, I can stay alert, motivated, and ready to do whatever it takes to get something accomplished.

Build a career from the ground level.
A wise man once told me, ‘If you want to get to the top, you’ve gotta get your foot in the door.’ I plan on majoring in Business this year, which is gonna be hard work but I know it’ll be worth it. Starting from the ground level is the way to go in the business world. You get to learn more, and with a strong team behind you and a brilliant idea, you can’t lose. That’s my plan for this year – come up with something so great yet so accessible to the average consumer that it’ll be a thrill to see it hit the markets. That’s the dream right? Well I’m interested in making dreams come true this new year.

Have a great 2016!
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