Need a spirit guide? The Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran

Sometimes when we’re fighting life’s battles, we have to step back and ask, ‘What am I fighting for, and what’s it all worth? How do I know I’m fighting the right fight?’

‘what if I can’t do it?’

In this book, Prince Arjuna seeks hope and encouragement as he struggles to figure out what he’s doing with his life and whether or not he’s making the right decisions. Arjuna feels lost amidst his weary mind as he fights a relentless war within himself. As a book in the realm of spirituality, The Bhagavad Gita highlights Sri Krishna as the ultimate guide to love, peace, and assurance.

The wisdom this book holds ancient but true. Read it and tell me what you think!

gita pro

It takes a lot of will power to conquer your personal problems.

For example, if you’re working on a big project and suddenly find yourself scrambling to gather your thoughts-
‘This isn’t gonna work out.’
‘I’m too pressed for time!’
‘What if I don’t get the rewards I’m looking for?’
Just understand that your mind is playing tricks on you. You’ve gotta keep your head up stay and focus on your goals.

Prince Arjuna is asking Krishna for advice in his time of battle crisis. He is confused and and has lost the courage to carry on. Krishna encourages the Prince to face his battle straight on. Arjuna begins his plea,

“How can I ever bring myself to fight against Bhishma and Drona, who are worthy of reverence? How can I, Krishna? Surely it would be better to spend my life begging than to kill these great and worthy souls! If I killed them, every pleasure I found would be tainted. 
My will is paralyzed, and I am utterly confused. Tell me which is the better path for me. Let me be your disciple. I have fallen at your feet; give me instruction. What can overcome a sorrow that saps all my vitality? Even power over men and gods or the wealth of an empire seem empty.”
Sri Krishana offers some encouraging words on life and death,
“You speak sincerely, but your sorrow has no cause. The wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead. There has never been a time when you and I and the kings gathered here have not existed, nor will there be a time when we will cease to exist. As the same person inhabits the body through childhood, youth, and old age, so too at the time of death he attains another body. The wise are not deluded by these changes.”
Here is where Krishna’s advice get’s really useful.
“When the senses contact sense objects, a person experiences cold or heat, pleasure or pain. These experiences are fleeting; they come and go. Bear them patiently, Arjuna. Those who are unaffected by these changes, who are the same in pleasure and pain, are truly wise and fit for immortality. Assert your strength and realize this!”

Krishna reminds us that though our problems seem huge and out of control in the moment, we must learn to be patient and work with them as they come. Even better over-power them! Do not allow yourself to worry and become swallowed in your own problems. Instead, will yourself to overcome them. There is another great gem in chapter 6 that reads,
“In climbing this mountain, willpower, self-help, and intense personal effort are absolute essentials. One’s self is thus one’s friend or one’s own enemy. But those who have “have conquered themselves by themselves” have their truest friend in the Self. Only those who have genuine self-discipline, who are “self conquered,” live in peace.”

Sri Krishna says that you must look within to triumph over any obstacle. I tend to agree.

There is no ABC guide to a life with zero problems, but learning how to manage those problems thorough your own personal strength is the greatest favor you can do yourself. Trust me 🙂 where there’s a will there’s a way.

I hope you got something out of the summary/review. Pick up the Bhagavad Gita. It’s more of a religious book if you’re interested, and its filled with great anecdotes about sticking sticking it out through thick and thin.

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